About Us

Who We Are

Initiative Capital was established to bridge the gap in public sector services and privately equity risk.

For every government service there is a risk to the community in delivery. Governments risk profile is very different to most commercial transactions. This 'gap' requires initiative by companies to bridge risk and return and capital returns to ensure viability.

What We Do

We are responsible for the management of funds into public sector delivery and unsolicited proposals (or market-led proposals) to government.

Our partners are funds and existing providers to government that wish to provide greater value for money for government services through increasing their risk.

We invest in the fundamentals of society: water, food and energy.

Our Projects

Bowen River Utilities is an experienced project team who are working to deliver the Urannah Water Scheme, Collinsville Irrigation project and the Capricornia Energy Hub.

Our projects will create thousands of local jobs, ensure greater water security, deliver prime agricultural land, provide more affordable energy and countless flow on economic benefits for locals in Mackay, Whitsunday and Isaac regions.

North West Phosphate is the largest phosphate resource holding in Australia and is committed to improving availability of this vital resource for agriculture both domestically and internationally.

We are committed to developing a resource that is sustainable for use in agriculture now and into the future.

Our Call to Arms

We will create innovative partnerships with government and large industrial groups that have forgotten how to take risk.

We will encourage new players, especially local businesses, to be involved in the provision of government large scale services.

We will build better and more efficient procurement models, and drive new engagement between stakeholders where government problems are publicly and clearly defined and where business responds with new coalitions and ideas.

We will provide North Queensland a nationally unique solution to the food, energy and water scarcity problems and, in return, build long term, secure revenue streams for investors. We will deliver value for taxpayers, investors and efficient services for our communities.

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Tel: (07) 3040 8220

Email: bec@initiativecapital.com.au